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                So last week I wrote about the five coolest things I saw at the Daytona Supercross, and there were some pretty cool things that happened at the Indy SX too. It wasn't a mud race, but it certainly was an intense race that didn't turn out at all the way anyone expected.  

5) Barcia's Perfect Season Broken -

                Blake Wharton broke the perfect season. What more is there to say about that? I like Barcia; I like seeing him win and he's great on the podium, but I mean, it's always nice when a challenger comes up, right? When there's no challenge, the excitement isn't as high as it could be for the fans, and for the riders. You don't push yourself as much.

                Though, there is something to be said for a perfect season. But there's always next year for that, right?

4) Roczen "throwing it" away - LITTERALLY! -

                Did you see that bike go? He was leading and then there was a bobble and... Whoops! The bike was gone and Kenny was left standing in the dirt like a country kid late for the bus.

                I like Roczen; I think he has a lot of a talent, and seems quite sweet and genuine on the podium. I so want to see him win a main this year. I was kind of hoping he'd be the one to break Barcia's streak, but in Daytona it looked like Baggett was the man for the job.

                Roczen had the lead in the staggered restart, and man was I cheering for the German, and I'm sure I'm not alone. Judging from how his home country fans cheered for him in Euro GP, I'd say most of Germany was up front there with him.

                But you know what, it proved Roczen could get out front. If he can do it once, he can do it again. And hey, maybe he'll do it here this weekend? It'd be nice to see him take home a win in Toronto.

3) Brayton pulling a huge lead in the SX Main -

                He didn't make it easy for RV to pass either, did he? That was pretty awesome. In years gone by the SX class has gotten, well, boring. I mean, don't get me wrong, I LOVED watching Ricky race; the man had style, commitment and talent, and it was epic to watch him lap SECOND PLACE in the outdoors, but really, as awesome as that is, it's not really a race. It's a race for second place, and sometimes a race for fourth, and that's only so exciting.

                This year we started the season with 4 riders who could definitely take the championship; only one of them raced on Saturday, but that didn't stop another rider from getting out front early. My favourite saying is "sometimes it's better to be lucky than good," and Brayton was lucky enough to be both. When RV put the gears to him, he didn't back off. And really, to see someone (outside "the big three" of Reed, Dungey and Stewart) challenge Villopoto like that... It was awesome.

2) The Staggered Restart -

                There's a first time for everything, and this was a first for the staggered restart. It was surreal to see the bikes lined up like that, but it certainly helped some of the riders, Barcia for instance. The restart was done as per the book, it's just never been the issue that the race had been stopped in the 3 to 12 lap range.  

                It was odd to see all three commentators at such a loss for words about what it was all about. It was by the book, which was fine, and certainly helped close the pack back up nicely, which helped Barcia bust his way back onto the podium nicely.

1) Supercross Survivor -

                How many people are on the injured list now? There are over thirty confirmed injured riders, including Ryan Dungey (who is still seated second in the points standing, so you've got to be able to imagine how well the season had been going for him) and Chad Reed, who had been in third when a broken tibia, fibula, ribs, T6 vertebrae and a torn ACL in Dallas put him on the side lines for the remainder of the season.

                In Indy we saw Stewart and Windham get together, with Stewart not competing in the main due to a possible head injury. KDub pulled out but is planning to race at Toronto this weekend.

                It's been a weird season, that's for sure, with many injuries highlighting just how dangerous the sport we love can be.

                Next week Supercross is in Toronto, and I know I'll be there. I'm kind of hoping Roczen and Windham bust out and take their first wins of the season on Saturday; I think that'd be just amazing to see. Windham has a big following in the circle I run in, and to see him win at the RC would be pretty cool.  

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