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What Sponsors Want: Results

Posted by  Suzanne Howie
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                So, we've covered loyalty, ego, motivation and dedication, and we're now at the most obvious thing that sponsors want. Well, I guess this is more of a need to justify the expense that is your sponsorship more than a desired trait.

                Yes, we've finally made it to the Results portion of the wish list. Sit back and read on about how sponsors view your results; you might learn a thing or two. It seems things aren't as black and white as they look from the outside.


5) Results

                They are important, but shouting them from the mountain top might not be the right way to go about getting your sponsor's attention with regard to results. The general consensus is if you're doing well, then anyone who wants to know is already aware of it.

                "I don't need a rider to come to me and tell me how good they are," says Fryberger. "If they're good, I already know it. I'm at the races. I see what's going on."  Fryberger has worked with some of the most successful off road riders in the country, both as the team manager for the Corner Grass Race Team and as a long time team manager for the Canadian ISDE team.

                From Quebec, Giroux agrees: "In the motocross and off road world good news, or a scoop, travels as fast as the bad news. I'm also at most of the races, so it's easy for me to spot the kids that have the right combination of speed and attitude. If you win a race, look good on the podium and are marketable, I'll notice."

                Hudgins continues on the point of maintaining a good relationship with your local dealers. "I can't say it enough, and I know I sound like a broken record, but if a rider is good, and a dealer has been backing them, when the dealer comes to me and says Look, this kid can ride, I'm more willing to pay attention. The example of Machine Racing is a good one. Kyle (Keast) wasn't a Yamaha rider, but John knew he could depend on him, and has helped him in the past."

                So, we see here how that following the other four traits, being loyal to your shop, remaining humble, staying motivated and dedicated to your sport, all help sponsors when you're brought to their attention by your results.

                And notice how I worded that, it was no accident. Remember what Fry and G-rox said: if you're good, they'll see you. Now, that's not to say going and sending a friendly email/phone call or dropping into say hello isn't advisable, that's part of the relationship with your shop (as per Hudgins suggestion in part one) and totally acceptable. But going in and demanding things because of a few first place finishes won't get you very far.

                That's it for our series on what sponsors want. I'd like to send a big thank you to CGRT's Lee Fryberger, Eight-0-One's Guy Giroux and Yamaha's Bryan Hudgins for taking time out of their busy schedule to talk to me about what they're looking for in a rider.

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