Suzanne Howie

Off road correspondent, online editor and sometimes racer, Howie is best known for her role at the races taking pictures and handing out big checks to Ryan Graffunder (the other face in the picture), but sometimes throws her hat into the ring, so to speak.

Monday, 24 September 2012 08:33

Suzie Q at the Cord

Posted by Suzanne Howie

This past weekend I was at the 59th running of the Corduroy Enduro, in Gooderham, Ontario. It bills itself as the toughest race in Canada, and while that might be up for debate (those hurtin’ Albertans know how to make ‘em rough too!) it is certainly in serious contention for the title. It’s especially difficult when you get the kind of rain we had during the week and right through to the weekend. Rocks that are normally grippy when dry become greasy and slippery with mud.

Thursday, 20 September 2012 19:46

Wrapping it Up

Posted by Suzanne Howie

So, I’m sorry first off that it has taken me this long to get this posted. Layne, this apology is for you! I told you Sunday at the Codrington round of the OO XCs that I’d put a post up for you, about the awesome way you stopped to help a Mini Junior rider (Devyn Marshall, one of the youngest riders on the course) who was having problems on a particularly rough section of trail. It was the last cross country of the year, and I missed accepting my award and giving my speech because I was out on the trails taking pictures.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012 08:11

Credit Where Credit is Due

Posted by Suzanne Howie

So, I know I usually post my blog up on Mondays, and I’m really trying to get regular with that. I know another editor gets one up hell or high water every Monday, and for that I give him credit, but for me, I just couldn’t bring myself to look at my computer on Monday after two weekends of racing, knowing there’s still like, what? 5 more to go! I’m starting to feel the burn! *laugh*

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