Husqvarna Motorcycles Unveil 2018 Motocross And Off-Road Competition Ranges

Husqvarna Motorcycles Unveil 2018 Motocross And Off-Road Competition Ranges

on Tuesday, 23 May 2017 10:49

(May 23, 2017)- Husqvarna Motorcycles is pleased to introduce their 2018 TC and FC motocross machines – a line-up of eight 2-stroke and 4-stroke models that combine cutting-edge technology with high-end componentry to offer riders of all ages one of the most efficient and enjoyable motocross ranges on the market.

Looking to maintain their position as one of the leading players in the motocross segment, in model year 2018 Husqvarna Motorcycles offer an all-new TC 85 together with seven TC and FC models that receive major updates in order to continue offering class-leading performance across the range.

With the new from the ground up TC 85 setting new standards in its class, Husqvarna’s full-size TC and FC machines feature a series of upgrades among which are new brakes, a new battery, new graphics and a high-grip seat cover. Additionally, Husqvarna Motorcycles announces the innovative 2018 TX and FX selection from their off-road competition range.

The TX 300, FX 350 and FX 450 are perfectly suited for cross-country and off-road racing; offering both 2-stroke and 4-stroke choices for off-road competition motorcyclists looking to lead the way. From the tight and technical trails of woods racing that require ultimate agility, to the fast and unpredictable terrain of desert racing, the TX and FX model range boasts the perfect combination of agility and power that racers require. Featuring high-tech componentry and rider-focused design, all eleven new models are at the pinnacle of performance, design and ergonomics. ALL-NEW TC 85

Introducing much of the same technology found across Husqvarna’s range of full-size motocross machines, the new generation TC 85 raises the bar in the ultra-competitive 85cc class.

With an all-new frame and state of the art WP suspension, young mini riders can focus on their performance with total confidence. Featuring a new engine that delivers a broader and more controllable power delivery the new TC 85 offers top-level performance and durability. With an unchanged bore and stroke, it delivers improved performance and ease of use. Key to the engine is a new power valve, which allows power delivery to be tailored simply and more effectively that before. The updated engine is housed inside a Cro-Mo steel frame that features all-new geometry for better handling and comfort. Offering increased torsional rigidity and less longitudinal stiffness the end result is overall enhanced agility and better high-speed stability.

Mirroring technology found in Husqvarna’s full-size motocross range, the TC 85 features all new WP AER 43 split air and oil forks, together with a specific version of the new WP XPlor PDS shock. The new components offer a significant benefit in suspension performance, with adjustment in the forks made simpler thanks to the single air pressure valve for preload and easy access clickers for compression and rebound.


* Frame employing an all-new geometry

* More compact & 0.2 kg lighter subframe

* ’No dirt’ footpegs

* New WP AER 43 forks

* New WP XPlor PDS shock

* Tapered aluminum handlebar with new throttle assembly

* New radiators with revised routing of the coolant circuit

* Easy access air filter

* Black wheels & Maxxis tires

* Formula brakes & wave discs

* New exhaust & 50 mm shorter silencer

* Updated engine with new cylinder and ports

* New power valve

* Lighter gearbox

* New diaphragm spring clutch

* All-new bodywork


Remaining true to their commitment to deliver premium machines, Husqvarna Motorcycles have combined their engagement in top-level racing with extensive testing to further improve their entire motocross line-up for model year 2018. From the TC 50 and TC 65 minicycles to the full-size TC 125, TC 250, FC 250, FC 350 and FC 450 all new models set an even higher benchmark in terms of design and performance.

On top of new models, revamped for 2018 Husqvarna Motorcycles´ clothing and accessories collections feature a range of casual garments, functional gear and performance-enhancing parts for all dedicated Husqvarna riders. For model year 2018 Husqvarna Motorcycles’ engineers focused their attentions on introducing further engine and chassis advances in all full-sized TC and FC models. A major upgrade is the Magura front and rear braking systems. Utilizing a similar layout to the previous design, the new brakes offer the best in terms of sensitivity and feeling. All FC 4-stroke machines feature new compact Li-Ion 2.2 Ah battery with improved output consistency. Based on a simple yet distinctive design, new graphics across the 2018 motocross range highlight Husqvarna’s Swedish heritage.


* New Magura brake calipers

* New Li-Ion Battery – better output consistency (all 4-strokes)

* Mikuni carburetor with updated setting for TC 125/250

* Bodywork with new color trim & graphics

* Extra grip seat cover

The new Husqvarna MY18 motocross and off-road competition range will be available at authorized Husqvarna Motorcycles Dealers beginning August 2017.

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