The Hang Out with Mike “Holeshot King” Alessi Photo: Curtis Connor

The Hang Out with Mike “Holeshot King” Alessi

on Monday, 16 July 2018 16:22

I have liked Mike Alessi and his riding for years. He is always fun to photograph and I especially enjoy watching his starts. Generally, Mike never gives interviews, so I was very thankful when a mutual friend, Robbie Quantril, introduced us and Mike agreed to let me interview him and find out his future plans.

MXOR: Hi Mike, thanks for taking the time to speak with me. So the first question I have to ask is why does a seasoned AMA Pro want to race in Canada?

Mike Alessi: For me, winding down my career, it’s awesome to come to Canada to race with my buddies and have fun. There are great tracks here, great people and it makes me enjoy it again. The whole atmosphere is a lot more relaxed up here!

MXOR: You got hurt a few weeks ago and have been off the bike?

MA: Yeah unfortunately I tore the labrum in my shoulder and fractured my humerus in my shoulder. I’m going to the Doctor on Monday and hoping to be back on the bike for Moncton next week.

MXOR: So why do you like riding here better than in the US?

MA: It brings you back to the roots of why you started riding dirt bikes when it’s fun. Racing in the US is much more tough and cutthroat than in Canada and I enjoy just coming up here and racing with my buddies. It’s much more fun with great competition.

MXOR: How much longer do you plan on racing especially now with being a father?

MA: In a perfect world I’d like to race up here for two to three more years, that’s where I’d like to see it, if I last two or three years. We’ll see.

MXOR: Do you think you will finish your career in Canada

MA: Oh yeah, for sure I would love to do that. It’s a great place and I love racing up here!

MXOR: What are your plans for Supercross and the AMA?

MA: Yeah for sure I plan on doing the Supercross rounds here but no AMA anymore.

MXOR: Really, no more AMA?

MA: Nope, no more AMA!

MXOR: So do you find part of it the stress of working with your dad for so long?

MA: Yes and no, at the end of the day it’s just not what I want to do at the end of my career right now, I just want to enjoy racing. Plus the risk and danger of riding Supercross at that level is gnarly. You make one mistake in Supercross it’s not just a tip over, it’s a gnarly crash! The way they are designing Supercross tracks these days you have to either be all in or all out and I don’t want to mess myself up.

MXOR: Which is understandable you had some nasty injuries over the years!

MA: Oh yeah, I mean it just comes with the territory of racing dirt bikes. It comes with the nature of the sport. Racing dirt bikes is dangerous, but we all love it at the end of the day.

MXOR: Thanks for taking the time to speak with me and enjoy your time with the wife and new baby!

Hopefully Mike will be back on the bike and on the podium for Round 6 of the Rockstar Triple Crown series in Moncton.

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